Dan Lepard Articles

Dan Lepard writes about traditional mills in the Guardian Weekend Magazine's Food pages throughout July, starting on 2nd July, when he wrote:

For the next month, I'll be waving the flag for the great watermills and windmills of Britain, because the flour they produce is essential for the best breadmaking. With the help of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, the Traditional Cornmillers Guild and Sustain's "Real Bread" campaign, these mills show that renewable energy can produce superb flours. Visit a traditional mill this summer, buy flour and adapt your baking to suit the particular characteristics of slow stone-milling.

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On 9th July he wrote about how to make a Seeded Rye and Wheat Loaf.

On 22nd July, Dan wrote about unbleached white flour, mentioning Maud Foster Windmill and Claybroooke Watermill.

And in the final article, on 29th July, the focus turns to stone-milled wholewheat in cakes, and the welcome weightiness it lends to spice cakes in particular.

List of Mills