Brockwell Bake 2009

PRESS RELEASE – 27/08/09 – The Brockwell Bake
Keeping it real at The Brockwell Bake

On Sunday afternoon 20th September, the second annual Brockwell Bake free event invites all lovers of Real Bread, cakes and pastries to this foremost London festival of better baking.
A highlight of the Lambeth Urban Green Fair, The Brockwell Bake includes its baking competition for both home and professional bakers. Entries will be judged by an expert panel of millers and bakers headed by John Downes, “the godfather of the renaissance of sourdough baking in Australia”.
Other essential ingredients of this packed afternoon include:
• Baking activities for kids with mobile wood-fired oven provided by Paul’s Bakery of Melton Mowbray.
• The Bread Barter Picnic - bring your home baked bread and other goodies to swap and share with others and also sample the competition entries.
• An introduction to historic windmills from the Traditional Corn Millers Guild.
• The whats, whys and hows of the monopolistic industrialised abuse of our daily bread.
• A panel discussion around the Real Bread Campaign.
The Brockwell Bake will also share information on the various health and taste benefits that stone milling, organic farming and longer fermentation have for “the staff of life”.
Flour from members of the Traditional Cornmillers Guild, an association of the remaining water and wind powered millers of the UK, will be available for sale with donations going to a bakery oven fuel efficiency development project in Northern Mozambique.
The Brockwell Bake is working with and supporting the Traditional Cornmillers Guild and the Real Bread Campaign.

The Brockwell Bake, 12pm-7pm, Sunday, 20th September,
the Food and Garden Zone, Lambeth Urban Green Fair,
Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, London SE24 0NG

For further information and images, please contact Andrew Forbes on:
t: 0207 733 3879 m: 07852863952 e:
Notes to editors
• 80% percent of UK bread is baked in large factory plant bakeries, mostly belonging to two companies that jointly also control the vast majority of UK flour milling.
• Another 17% is produced by supermarket chains, much of which is part cooked in remote factories, before being baked-off by in store ‘bakeries’ and then sold as fresh.
• 85% of UK bread flour is roller milled into white flour, a process that strips the flour of nearly all of its fibre, naturally occurring vitamins and other micronutrients. The use of fats, large quantities of yeast and a cocktail of artificial additives allows industrial plants to whip this powder using high speed mixers into ‘no time’ doughs to produce loaves in around 45 minutes.
• In addition to the nutritional depletion, there have been studies linking the reduced fermentation times in industrial baking to problems such as gluten intolerance.

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