Quality Stoneground Milling for the 21st Century

The Traditional Cornmillers Guild, was established to promote artisan flour milling by wind or water power, to preserve and foster a milling tradition that dates from medieval times. Our members own or manage some of the UK’s most beautiful listed wind and water mills, all of them dedicated to producing flour of the highest quality using traditional techniques.

More traditional mills are being brought back into production in the UK than anywhere else in the world. These mills and the stoneground flour they produce are the pivot between the farmer's grain and the baker's delicious bread.

Stoneground flour not only tastes better, it’s also better for you. Millstones mix the highly nutritious Vitamin E rich wheat germ oil into the flour, giving it a characteristic nutty flavour – modern roller milling extracts the wheat germ. Recent French research comparing organic with conventional and stone-ground with roller-milled flours found that stoneground flour produced higher values of calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium for both organic and conventional wheats. The research suggested that stonegrinding organic wheat compounded the benefits.

Our traditional wind and water mills are wonderful examples of our industrial and rural heritage, community centres, fascinating places to visit, the hub of rural food initiatives, and businesses that offer new career and volunteering opportunities.

The majority of our members are small, often family run, businesses. They provide a personal service, often milling to your needs. You will find products produced by our members in local shops, bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and renowned national delicatessens.

The Guild promotes closer links between millers and bakers, relationships that have led to a growth of specialist bakeries, tea and coffee shops and restaurants throughout the country. The Guild produces an excellent Book of Recipes using Traditional Stoneground Flours produced by wind and water mills.

List of Mills